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Selecting a plumber near me in the Knoxville, TN area in a hurry is like speed dating with high stakes. You’re filtering through reviews, websites, BBB ratings, wishing you could check references, and then placing calls and waiting for callbacks, all while your urgent plumbing problem is getting messier. Getting a reliable plumber near me in time goes more smoothly if you already know who you want, and we’d like to suggest My Professional Plumber as an excellent candidate. We serve Knoxville, TN and the surrounding area with affordable pricing, on time service, and honest, trusted certified plumbers. Our years of quality service here are accompanied by great reviews from our customers, and years of awards from HomeAdvisor, Angi, and other online sources.

Get to Know Us with Preventive Plumbing Care

As the plumber near me you can turn to for convenient care, we love to get to know each customer and their home’s plumbing with a preventive visit. It could be a simple survey of the house and its appliances, fixtures, and pipes. We also perform detailed inspections including internal video exploration of pipes and sewer lines, leak checks using advanced technology, and evaluation of pipe materials and age to identify emerging concerns. Our extensive experience with plumbing maintenance and repair, enables us to help you plan fixture replacements, pipe replacement, drain cleaning, sewer inspections, and other routine plumbing care.

Expert Pipe, Fixture, and Appliance Problem Diagnosis

Prompt arrival at your home is only the beginning of our five-star service as the plumber near me you can call for urgent issues. Our diagnostic skills are well-honed so we can focus on the likely source of the problem, and identify related issues for a thorough check of the situation. Our goal is to take care of you without follow up visits when possible, being thorough and insightful about your plumbing concerns. We quote the options for repairs that we recommend, and our plumbers are glad to explain them and the impact that they might have on your family and home. Whether you have a pipe leak, broken faucet, or water heater repair problem, we’ll expertly resolve it to your satisfaction.

When You Suspect You Have a Leak

Many homeowners don’t notice that they have a plumbing leak until it has significantly grown in impact, so congratulations if you caught it early. There’s a lot we can do no matter what kind of leak you’re experiencing, from small leaks that you happen to notice through drips or damp spots, to water line problems that produce deep puddles in the yard. We can even hunt down hidden leaks in walls and under your concrete slab foundation, using technology that listens and looks with only minor cuts to gain access. You’ll be glad to know that our plumber near me in your area is also one of the top leak repair teams, ready to help you avoid the misery of cleanup and remediation from clean or wastewater leaks.

Sewer Line Concerns Weigh on Your Mind

The odor of sewer gas and backups in sinks and toilets can lead to worry, especially if you’ve had a sewer problem before. Our team provides careful review of your plumbing to determine the actual source of the problem, and if we trace it to your sewer line we may still have some attractive options for repairs. Replacing the entire sewer pipe by digging a trench is still one option and necessary in some cases, but there are other choices, commonly called “trenchless” repairs. We’ll use video to check the pipe condition and identify the source of any leak or blockage. Occasionally, we’ll just find a large clog that we can blast with our hydro-jet equipment so it breaks up and can be removed. Other times, we’ll use resin-based materials to provide long-lasting patches placed carefully by remote using video, or reline the existing pipe with similar material. Breaking up and replacing the pipe in place without digging a trench is also a common option. We’re the plumber near me in charge of top-quality sewer repairs, including coordinating with local government requirements as needed.

Water Pressure Issues

Your water line is exposed to many of the same sources of damage such as tree roots, heavy vehicles driving above, corrosion, and shifting ground in the area. If your water line breaks or develops a leak, our team can use our investigational skills, video inspection gear, leak detection equipment, and patching or relining methods to address the issue. The key is identifying the problem so we can take action as the plumber near me with the right tools for the job. You may identify extra-green spots in the lawn above the pipe, permanent puddles fed by the water line, or reduced water pressure in your home. An important concern with breaks in your water line is infiltration, where contamination from materials surrounding the pipe enters the line and affects your water quality.

Water Quality Help

As your plumber near me with an extensive knowledge of local water quality, our plumbers can help with water purification systems and related testing. We’ll raise your water quality from city water standards to the point where it’s a good substitute for bottled water with reverse osmosis treatment. You’ll hydrate better, save on all those plastic bottles, and enjoy better water throughout your home, including in the kitchen! We have several levels of water quality care, from hard water treatment using water softeners to full RO systems, with expert maintenance on all.

At My Professional Plumber we know that plumbing situations arise where you need a plumber near me in Knoxville, TN without delay. Folks in the area count on us for all their professional plumbing needs, and when you’re dealing with overflow or no-flow situations, if you have our number in your speed dial, you’re ready to get help! Give us a call and get to know us today, you’ll be glad you did.

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