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Having functional plumbing systems is desirable by homeowners throughout the year regardless of the climate or weather seasons. Cold weather can cause diverse plumbing issues for homeowners in Oak Ridge, TN, and the surrounding regions.

The plumbing issues due to low temperatures can lead to severe water damages, which will require a technician from a reliable plumbing company to fix them promptly and professionally. Below are some of the plumbing issues that tend to pop up during winter.

Frozen Septic Tank Pipes

The sewer drainage system is an essential part of the plumbing system because it directs wastewater and human waste to the septic tanks or public sewer lines. Most septic lines are built underground, but the lines might be buried or exposed. If your residential home has unburied septic pipes, you should expect freezing problems during the cold season. The main septic lines connecting to your house might freeze, causing a blockage of the entire drainage system. It can, in turn, lead to backups in sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

The backups are a sign that a plumber from a reliable plumbing company is needed as soon as possible to help restore the frozen septic lines and pipes. Sewage leaks are also susceptible if the pipes crack due to expansion, which might become a health hazard in your entire residential property. It can also contaminate the clean water supply in your home, causing diseases such as diarrhea.

The company you reach out to should send employees immediately to inspect the septic tank system and diagnose and fix the arising problem. The trained plumbers might also advise you to be pumping the septic tank before the cold season to protect the tank and its lines with layers of straw.

Frozen Indoor and Outdoor Pipes

Another common winter plumbing issue is freezing indoor pipes. The indoor pipes can freeze due to lower temperatures, leading to leakages due to the expansion and cracks.

Pipes aligned with the exterior walls and insulated areas are most likely to freeze and burst, leading to indoor flooding because of the major leaks that will emerge. When you notice scarce or no water supply in your home’s faucets during winter, it is time to visit a trustworthy and licensed plumbing company in Oak Ridge, TN, and request for a plumber.

The technicians might save you from spending on water damage repairs that are costly. They identify the frozen parts of the indoor pipes and unfreeze the waterline using heating equipment such as space heaters and electric blankets. These equipment are available at the company.

Afterward, the professionals will thaw the pipes and ensure water flows freely with the desired water pressure. If the pipes are leaking water due to cracks, the staff will shut off the main water shutoff valve to prevent further flooding and water damage. It will also replace parts of the pipes with cracks.

The team of technicians from the plumbing company might also check the outdoor pipes to determine if they are winterized to prevent outdoor water damage. If they are not, the pipes might be cracked and silently causing water damage without your knowledge because they are outside your vicinity. With thorough inspections of the lines, the plumber you get from your trusted company will identify the problem and fix it.

Frozen Well Pumps

Water or well pumps are responsible for pumping water upwards from a private well to the entire household for daily chores and drinking. There are two types of well pumps in the plumbing market, namely submersible and jet pumps. They use centrifugal force and spinning rotors or impellers to force the water upwards from the basement or a private well. EPA estimates that over 13 million homeowners use private wells to provide water for their households. The households rely on the pumps entirely for water supply.

During winter, the well pumps are prone to freezing, causing water shortages in the home, which could be frustrating for homeowners. The frozen jet well pumps require the immediate attention of plumbers to prevent cracks arising from water expansion.

If you contact a nearby unreliable plumbing company on time before the well pump cracks, its technician might heat the area where the pump is to allow a constant supply of water in your home. But, a contractor from a trustworthy plumbing company will replace the well pump if it cracks due to expansion due to freezing.

Sump Pump Backup

A sump pump is an essential plumbing appliance during the winter or rainy season. It is a submersible device fixed in a sump pit, basement, or crawl space in your house to prevent flooding. When a lot of water flows to your basement or sump pit, the sump pump removes the excess water, draining it in a nearby dry well or storm drain.

During winter, the sump pumps might also have backup problems. The ice and snow getting into the sump pump might lead to clogs, causing backups. Having trained plumbers from a reputable plumbing company to check the sump pump is imperative to prevent water damage and floods in your basement and structures that might require expensive repairs.

The plumbing contractors will inspect the discharge line of the pump to ensure there are no obstructions. They also thaw the ice clogging the pump by using heat. Additionally, the experts can prevent further clogs in the sump pumps by insulating the pipes to avert freezing.

Clogged Drains

Having clogged drains in your home is a common occurrence during winter. The clogs can be caused by the frozen wastewater in the drain pipes, making it impossible for water to drain freely. A common sign of clogged drains is stagnated water in sinks or standing water in bathroom drains.

Once you notice the standing water, call a plumbing company that offers emergency services to address the plumbing issues. Its prompt services will save your wallet from spending on water damage and mold removal caused by overflows and standing water.

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Winter plumbing problems might cause havoc in your home if not addressed with urgency. The cold temperatures make plumbing pipes, sump pumps, and drain lines to freeze and cause clogs. If you experience any plumbing problems during the cold season, do not hesitate to call My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN. The plumbing company has trained and skilled plumbers ready to attend to all your plumbing needs.