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Plumbing Installation

At My Professional Plumber, our master plumbers have the equipment, experience, and code requirement knowledge to get your plumbing installation or upgrade done properly and efficiently. Whether it’s a high-volume system or an energy-efficient system, My Professional Plumber will be able to install the appropriate plumbing project in your home, office, or building with minimal disruption to your daily routine.


While every plumbing installation is different, each project typically involves mapping out the existing or new plumbing plan to assess the water-supply system, appliances, fixtures, and the drainage system. The operation and long-term maintenance of the water system is also taken into account to ensure your plumbing design and its functionality work well for years to come. Each plumbing installation service come with a quality guarantee that homeowners can trust, but it also comes with expert installers, the highest quality products, and our mobile warehouse, which allows us to address any issues on the spot.

Throughout the entire plumbing installation or replacement process, we walk you through the steps and make sure you know what to expect regarding quotes and costs. Our goal is to provide unmatched customer service and quality work, making sure that we are the only plumbing service you’ll ever need again. If you have a unique plumbing installation project, we’d love to hear about it!

Water Line Installation

$250 Off Water Line Installation

Toilet Installation

$50 Off Toilet Installation

Faucet Installation

$35 Off Faucet Installation

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