Should you go Tankless Water Heater or Tank? | Knoxville, TN
Tank Water Heater or Tankless?

Tankless water heaters heat your water on demand. That means there’s no storage of water and no wasted energy…just hot water when you need it. With tankless water heaters, when water is needed, it’s flash-heated to the desired temperature. In comparison, traditional tank heaters are heated constantly– that’s 24/7/365. Not only does that mean you’re heating water you aren’t using, but it also means that if you use all the hot water in a traditional tank, you must wait for the contents to reheat before you have hot water again.

By heating water only on demand, tankless water heaters provide significant energy-saving opportunities for your water bill– up to 40% in savings! The added cost of purchasing and installing a tankless water heater is offset by the annual energy savings and nearly doubled lifespan.

Benefits Of Tankless Water Heating
  • Drink, Bathe In, and Use Clean, Fresh Water
  • Energy Efficiency Means You Save Money and Conserve Energy
  • Hot Water. Now. No More Waiting
  • Extend Longevity
  • Simplify Repairs
  • Save Space
  • Get Constant Hot Water – No More Fear of Cold Showers
  • Enjoy Extended Warranties

Disadvantages of Tankless Systems

Still, there are some disadvantages to tankless water systems. Although you get instant hot water on demand for as long as you want, its limited flow rate means that it will be difficult to use hot water for multiple uses at the same time. So, if you are running the dishwasher, laundry, and taking a hot shower at the same time, one of those things will take a hit. There is a solution, however, to the problem of simultaneous, multiple uses of your hot water supply. For larger families that need more simultaneous hot water, installing two or more tankless systems that are connected, or installing a separate appliance-only heating system, solves that problem.

Also, tankless systems carry a more expensive price tag and require professional maintenance. Although the energy savings and extended lifespan will almost surely offset the increased price, some homeowners may feel the upfront costs are too high.

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