The Essentials Of Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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Keeping a modern house up and running is definitely not an easy task. From day to day activities all the way to annual maintenance tasks and upgrades, housing properties require significant attention. However, with the right attitude, effort and professional services, house maintenance can become an easy and enjoyable task as it allows you to spend some creative time planning repairs.

Especially when it comes to plumbing maintenance, you need to plan ahead of time as winter can make life difficult. Taking care of tasks such as pipe maintenance, drain cleaning service, and limescale cleaning can save you from unexpected issues later on. A property with well-maintained plumbing will always provide better living for you and your loved ones.

However, when frequent maintenance is overlooked, a lot of issues may start appearing out of the blue. For instance, clogs in the drains can cause water to back up. Imagine having a shower, only to realize that the water slowly fills up the tub, threatening to create an overflow. Clogs can appear without notice in various plumbing facilities around the house.

Although there isn’t a simple and straight remedy to get rid of clogs once and for all, there’s no better approach than frequent professional cleaning. Hiring a drain cleaning service brings a lot of benefits to your house and your pocket at the same time. Despite what you believe, drain service is efficient, cost-effective and definitely better than emergency plumbing.

A professional plumber will use tools designed solely to combat clogs and set the clogs free again. These tools won’t cause damage to the interior of the plumbing as they are operated by a person who has the right training and experience to deal with the drains and all the problems that come with it.

Sinks Are The Worst!

Sinks and faucets inside and outside the house are the most vulnerable to blockages. Each time that you clean objects such as dishes and cooking pots, it’s easy to accidentally drop food particles in the drains. While emptying the oil from a frying pan after cooking breakfast looks innocent, it can cause long term problems.

For instance, oil is rich in fat and it flows slower than water. Combined with food particles such as bread crumbs or rice, it can build a clog really fast. No matter how careful you are with the drains, sooner or later a clog may appear.

While it’s tempting to attempt and unclog this by yourself, it’s always better to arrange a drain cleaning service. Using chemical solutions and DIY tools can make the problem worse by pushing the blockage deeper inside the pipes. When a clog enters too deep inside the network, it becomes more difficult to dissolve it and it can force you to completely stop using the facility until a drain service takes place.

Enjoy Your Showers Again

Have you recently noticed that the bathtub is draining slowly that usual? Or even worse, the water isn’t draining at all? If the answer is yes, you can treat yourself to a professional drain cleaning service today. Bathtubs and shower facilities are notoriously difficult to unclog.

The daily use of the showering facilities means that more and more water needs to be drained through the sewage pipes. Soap, combined with hairs and dirt can quickly shape a stubborn clog in the gutters of your tub. Soon you may notice that it takes ages for the water to drain down, creating a difficult situation where you have to reduce the flow of fresh water.

Bath tubs generally use plungers or pop-up drains. Both plugs are robust and helpful when you want to keep the water in the tub. However, in situations where hair and debris create a block, both types of plugs need to be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly in order to bring the facility back up and running.

In situations like this, arranging a drain cleaning service will always work in your favor. Dealing with dirt and wastewater isn’t healthy for you and, let’s be honest, isn’t an enjoyable task. Plumbers in Knoxville, TN, are called on a daily basis for drain cleaning services. Delaying the maintenance call won’t make things easier for you as bathtub clogs are notoriously stubborn.

Remember The Surface Water Drainage

With the winter almost upon us, it’s essential to keep the rain drain systems free of obstructions and debris. Apart from the conventional drainage system, your house may also be equipped with surface water drainage mechanisms.

Properties in Knoxville, TN, often require a thorough drain cleaning service of the surface water system in order to be in good shape for the winter. The pouring rain during the cold season can create water puddles in places such as the roof or the driveways. While a small puddle of water can’t create that much of a problem, it can turn into an ice skate rink during icing conditions. Keeping the water drainage system free of obstructions will put your mind at ease in case of a heavy rain or snowfall.

Arrange A Drain Cleaning Service Today

There’s no better time to call a plumber to assist with the annual house maintenance. Before the winter settles in for good, taking care of any plumbing issues you may experience is a wise choice. Delaying a drain cleaning call can only make things worse as clogs can grow in size and cause inconvenience for the occupants of the house. My Professional Plumber offers drain cleaning services and much more in the area. Whether you are ready to arrange your next appointment or you are just curious about the available services give us a call. Professional plumbers are standing by ready to help you with the annual house maintenance challenge.