The Step-By-Step Professional Drain Cleaning Service Process | Knoxville, TN

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Though you may not think about it, your household relies on a clear, free-flowing drain system. Without it, everything you flush down the sink, tub, or toilet will back up into your house. You and your family won’t be able to shower, wash clothes or dishes, or use the toilets until the problem is fixed.

One of the best ways to keep your drains in good shape is to have routine professional drain cleaning service. This can keep your drains from developing a blockage from all the grease, chemicals, hair, and soap residue that flows through them daily.

If you have never had professional services for your home or business, you should consider them before you run into expensive repair work. When you call for drain cleaning service this is what you can expect.

Thorough Drain Inspection

Professional drain cleaning service begins with a complete inspection of your drain system. Your plumbing expert will need to see exactly what is going on inside your pipes and where the biggest issues are.

Using tiny cameras, your professional will get a good look at the inside of your plumbing system. As the camera travels through the pipe, it will clearly show where any problems are. They will be able to identify any repair issues and find all the clogs that are affecting your drainage.

Drain Clog Removal

Clogs in your drains don’t usually happen overnight. Every day, you and your family wash hair, grease, food particles, shampoo, and waste products down your drains. As these products move through the drainage system, residue can gather on the inside of the pipes. They become matted together and slowly cut off the flow of water. When the water won’t flow through the drain pipes properly, it will begin to back up into your house. This foul water is filled with germs and bacteria, and will cover your flooring, walls, and furniture quickly, causing serious damage.

Once they have found the location of the blockages, your drain cleaning service will get to work on the clogs. There is a lot more to getting rid of a severe drain obstruction than simply plunging it out. Using specialized tools, your Knoxville, TN drain cleaning service can carefully remove whatever is blocking your drain without harming your pipes.

Hydro Jetting of Drain Pipes

With the clogs out of the way, your cleaning service can start cleaning the inside of your drain pipes. One of the fastest, most efficient ways to make sure your drain system is thoroughly clean is with high-pressure hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting is the process of flushing your drains out quickly and completely by connecting a hose to your drain pipes and spraying water through at a high pressure. Your plumbing service can safely remove all the gunk that is sticking to the inside of your pipes, so future clogs are prevented.

All that corrosive material remains in one spot in your pipes when you have a clog. That can cause your drain pipes to deteriorate and leak. To make sure your pipes last as long as possible, you should consider hydro jetting.

When you have a professional hydrojet your drains, you know that every bend and curve in your drainage system has been completely cleared. If you schedule routine service, you can prevent major issues from ever occurring.

Regular Inspection & Drain Cleaning

Having your drains professionally cleaned is a great way to make sure your plumbing system works properly now. But what about the future? Your drains will still see a barrage of materials washing through them every day. To keep your drains working at optimal level, you need to schedule regular drain inspection and cleaning for your home or business.

As a general rule, you should schedule professional drain cleaning service for your home at least once every two years but this could vary slightly. As soon as you notice that your drain flow is compromised, it’s time. Your plumbing professional will inspect your drain pipes for blockages or repair issues and make certain that your drains flow freely throughout the year.

Finding the Right Drain Cleaning Service

A lot of companies claim to provide drain cleaning services, but fail to provide professional quality results. Many of them simply snake the drain with an auger and call that a drain cleaning.

The truth is, for something as important as your drain system, you need a professional drain cleaning service in charge. An amateur can actually cause damage to your pipes if they don’t have the right tools or training. That will end up costing you a lot more than professional drain cleaning every year or two.

Finding a professional in Knoxville, TN to clean your drains can seem intimidating. With everyone claiming to be the best, how do you know who to trust? Here are a few basic guidelines to help narrow your search.

Make Sure They Are Licensed & Insured

The first thing you should confirm is that the company you work with is properly licensed and fully insured. This is the only way you can be guaranteed the professional results you expect.

Work with Local Professionals

It is important to the economy in your area to support local businesses. Plus, it’s comforting to know that you can call your drain cleaning company any time you have a problem.

Check Their Customer Reviews

Your plumbing company should have plenty of experience in drain cleaning. To see what other customers experienced when working with a company, look for customer reviews online. You can check the company website, independent review sites, or ask for referrals from clients in the area.

There are a lot of benefits to professional drain cleaning for your home or business. When you are ready to clear out your drain pipes, My Professional Plumber is ready to help. Our licensed experts have the training, experience, and skill to keep your drains flowing freely.

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