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Water Purifications System 

Water filtration systems can help stop viruses from coming into your home. Call us today and ask about our water filtration systems.

  • Filtration can be used as a pathogen reduction method against most microorganisms, depending on the pore size of the filter, amount of the contaminant, particle size of the contaminant, and charge of the contaminant particle. Manufacturer’s instructions must be followed. More information on selecting an appropriate water filter can be found at Only filters that contain a chemical disinfectant matrix will be effective against some viruses.

  • Combination filtration and disinfection has a very high effectiveness in removing and killing Cryptosporidiumwhen used with chlorine dioxide and an absolute less than or equal to 1 micron filter (NSF Standard 53 or 58 rated “cyst reduction / removal” filter).

*Though the COVID-19 is a new virus and there are no new studies, water filtration systems are known to kill most known viruses. Call for details.


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