When Your Plumbing Needs Emergency Plumbing Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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Emergency plumbing service will always be a must for any homeowner, and those living in the Oak Ridge, TN area know that there is always someone around when there is a problem. Drain clogs, pipe breaks, and other issues have a way of cropping up from time to time, and calling a professional for plumbing service is enough to bring you peace of mind. This is where My Professional Plumber steps in.

There are omens within your home that let you know that you have a drain clog, and that it could get serious at any time. Your toilet starts gurgling, your sinks are slow to drain, and you begin to notice foul odors coming right from a sink or other fixture. These odors are the result of trapped grease, oils, old food, and soap that have gone down the drains and have aligned themselves to the sides of your pipes, thus blocking waste water from being able to leave your home for the sewers. You may start to notice that your water appears to be slower than usual to leave the sink, a situation that has you reaching for your plunger every time.

Ignoring this problem can have you calling for emergency plumbing service, which is something that should be prevented at all costs. But there are times when this cannot be avoided, and that’s why it’s always there for you. Toilets that overflow due to a drain clog are good reasons to call your plumber for twenty-four hour emergency plumbing, as no one wants to live with a toilet that doesn’t work.

Emergency plumbing service can cover in the event that a drain clog gets so bad that all of your fixtures are affected. One fixture backs up into another, and there’s no way to get rid of the mess. Thankfully, each area of your home has its own list of items that clog, from your kitchen sink to your bathroom plumbing, and being aware of the most common reasons for drain clogs can help you catch the problem right before it becomes an emergency.

Kitchen sinks are hotbeds for the worst of the drain clogs. Even with the implementation of a good garbage disposal, anything whole can go straight down the drain and into the pipes. Bits of food can sneak right past the blades of a garbage disposal and get trapped into the cave of your drain, thus causing a terrible clog in need of attention. If you start to notice a foul odor, it’s most likely source is an old food morsel that’s grown a little mold. The sudden presence of fruit flies that congregate around your sink have much to tell you about this, as these tiny little pests are drawn to areas where food is present.

Caution should be exercised when it comes to grease and oils, as they, too, are a primary source of drain clogs. In fact, they work in conjunction with the food bits that have somehow escaped the garbage disposal and will often cling together to form strong build ups that can trap air. As a result, you may hear a slight gurgling noise, which informs you that air has been trapped among the elements within your drain. In this case, you may need to call for emergency plumbing service right away. A plumber will need to use a hydro-jetting tool to clear out the debris and get your drains working once again.

Imagine trying to flush the toilet only to find that you’re being greeted by a virtual avalanche of dirty water pouring onto your bathroom tiles. You’ve tried reaching for the plunger and nothing works, so going to get a bunch of towels to mop up the mess is the only solution in the moment. There are situations that cause toilet clogs, and some are far more common than you think. For example, flushing down too much toilet paper all at once will immediately clog up your bowl to the point of an overflow. Factor in sanitary products such as “flushable” applicator tampons and pads and you can soon have a recipe for disaster.

The main blueprint for what should be allowed to go down your Oak Ridge, TN drains is simple: only toilet paper and waste, nothing else. Yet there are situations that do happen that are well outside our locus of control, such as hair that gets caught in a tub drain during a bath. Having the plumber come and pull it out using a mechanical snaking device can help in warding off the possibility of emergency plumbing service in the long run.

However, there are times when plumbing emergencies do happen, some of which will have to do with your drains. Suppose your little one accidentally flushes a small toy down the commode. This has a way of getting caught inside the toilet, thus causing back up and overflow, This is a case where calling for emergency plumbing services is your only solution to solving the problem.

Pipes that burst will often do so while under intense pressure, and there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with this issue. When this happens, you may start to notice a few signs. Water marks may suddenly make their presence known on your walls and floors, and you may also see sudden and unexplained changes in your water pressure that can lead to an increase in monthly water expenses. Noticing these changes and more should be enough of a motivator to call for possible emergency plumbing service, as the problem will only escalate if left unattended. Even something as small as a drop in outside temperatures can cause your pipes to burst, and remaining vigilant is key to knowing when you should call for emergency plumbing service.

Drains, pipes, and other issues can be a big headache when they go wrong, but they don’t have to be. Knowing when to call for emergency plumbing service is vital to keeping your home safe from imminent disaster. All that is needed is for you to call or visit My Professional Plumber today.