When to Call A Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Oak Ridge, TN

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As winter thaws out during the spring and the puffy clouds and sunshine begin to dominate the sky, it is again that time of year to schedule an annual drain cleaning service to keep your plumbing network in optimal shape.

The prudent community of Oak Ridge, TN understands the importance of cleaning and maintaining their homes’ systems like heating and air conditioning appliances, running water, and well-functioning drains to expel wastewater and leave properties sanitary and comfortable.

It is very easy to take your plumbing and drains for granted when the water flows easily and the waste is effortlessly flushed away, but ignoring routine maintenance tasks can cause more damage to the property and raise the costs of repairs.

A clogged sink is not simply inconvenient, it is unsanitary. Every home needs unfettered access to clean water and a slow drain can impede that. It can be challenging trying to discern when to roll up your sleeves and attempt to free the obstruction yourself and when to call a professional drain cleaning service.

Common Signs It Is Time for a Drain Cleaning Service

  • Sink overflow is usually the result of wastewater trapped in the pipes that are clogged and require a drain cleaning service. A professional plumber will unclog the wastewater line and assess if there has been any further damage caused by the original blockage in the pipes.


  • Water puddles without any obvious source. Many homes have the wastewater tank buried outside or under the home. When a pipe is blocked the water can rise to the surface.


  • The drain field is oppressed by heavy objects like cars, trucks, riding mowers, and motorcycles damaging the subterranean sewer systems leaving behind horrible smells and murky water.


  • Polluted storm drains that are directly connected to the sewer line can cause problems during severe weather. Debris like pests, leaves, and dirt empty into the sewer line and block the flow of wastewater. Only a professional drain cleaning service will be able to efficiently, and adequately remove the obstruction repairing the damage done to the pipes.


  • Septic smells and other foul odors are a clear warning signal that the plumbing has a blockage in the sewer lines that run underneath the property. Sewer lines are crucial to a home’s sanitation because they run the wastewater away from the home. Sewage smells loom around a home when a pipe has burst or is overflowing in the sewer line.


  • Smelly waste tanks are another red flag that your property needs a drain cleaning service. The sewage smell poses a significant risk to the health of the occupants and the community. A helpful tip is to check if the wastewater tank is electronically controlled, if so access the maintenance panel to check for displayed overflow warnings.


  • Low water pressure is another sign it is time to arrange a professional drain cleaning service because weak water pressure may be the result of a pipe obstruction or ruptured pipe. There are many reasons water pressure decreases and the team at My Professional Plumber can help find the root of the issue.

Drops in water pressure, unusual smells, and any other plumbing issues should be followed up with a visit from a drain cleaning service from My Professional Plumber. Putting off repairs can increase the cost of the work and can lead to the need for an entirely new plumbing network.


“My brother thinks of himself as a seasoned plumber, but he has only been training for a few weeks. Bless his heart he did try to unclog the drain but as soon as some of the water went down (a teeny, little bit) the drain it would come up a few minutes later. My Professional Plumber was running a special on a drain cleaning service and I snapped it up fast.

They arrived prepared and ready to do the job. The technician was professional, clean, and polite. He found the burst pipe with a camera he snaked down the drain. The job took most of the afternoon but when I was given the bill I was happily surprised to discover it was nearly 10 percent less than I was quoted. Give My Professional Plumber a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

Nickie Thomas, Oak Ridge, TN, July 2019

“Last winter the heating element in our home went bust. The new unit cost a fortune to replace it. Plus, the installation was a nightmare. We chose a cut-rate heating and air conditioning company to conduct the renovation and they were late every single day. The renovation cost an additional $350 than what was estimated and it took an extra week for them to finish the job.

Safe to say, we won’t make the same mistake again. I took my time when I started to notice some symptoms of a slab leak. There were puddles all over our backyard when it hadn’t rained in weeks. A smell like rotten eggs wafted through our carport each day and our water pressure just gave up.

I called so many different plumbers in my search for a quality company. I did not want a repeat of what had happened when we had our furnace replaced. Most of the plumbers wanted huge deposits without even evaluating the situation. My Professional Plumber sent out a friendly, (and prompt) plumber who investigated the issue without asking for a single penny.

The technician took the time to guide me through the repair process and explained what would impact the job’s timeline and what elements would raise the price of the task. I’m very pleased with MPP! They conducted the slab leak repair with the utmost level of integrity!”

Michelle Sanders, Oak Ridge, TN, February 2019

The team is committed to providing the very best plumbing services for the wonderful community. My Professional Plumber welcomes any inquiries regarding plumbing repairs, installations, or those looking for guidance when purchasing new Energy Star appliances for your home. Give us a call today!


The Step-By-Step Professional Drain Cleaning Service Process | Knoxville, TN

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Though you may not think about it, your household relies on a clear, free-flowing drain system. Without it, everything you flush down the sink, tub, or toilet will back up into your house. You and your family won’t be able to shower, wash clothes or dishes, or use the toilets until the problem is fixed.

One of the best ways to keep your drains in good shape is to have routine professional drain cleaning service. This can keep your drains from developing a blockage from all the grease, chemicals, hair, and soap residue that flows through them daily.

If you have never had professional services for your home or business, you should consider them before you run into expensive repair work. When you call for drain cleaning service this is what you can expect.

Thorough Drain Inspection

Professional drain cleaning service begins with a complete inspection of your drain system. Your plumbing expert will need to see exactly what is going on inside your pipes and where the biggest issues are.

Using tiny cameras, your professional will get a good look at the inside of your plumbing system. As the camera travels through the pipe, it will clearly show where any problems are. They will be able to identify any repair issues and find all the clogs that are affecting your drainage.

Drain Clog Removal

Clogs in your drains don’t usually happen overnight. Every day, you and your family wash hair, grease, food particles, shampoo, and waste products down your drains. As these products move through the drainage system, residue can gather on the inside of the pipes. They become matted together and slowly cut off the flow of water. When the water won’t flow through the drain pipes properly, it will begin to back up into your house. This foul water is filled with germs and bacteria, and will cover your flooring, walls, and furniture quickly, causing serious damage.

Once they have found the location of the blockages, your drain cleaning service will get to work on the clogs. There is a lot more to getting rid of a severe drain obstruction than simply plunging it out. Using specialized tools, your Knoxville, TN drain cleaning service can carefully remove whatever is blocking your drain without harming your pipes.

Hydro Jetting of Drain Pipes

With the clogs out of the way, your cleaning service can start cleaning the inside of your drain pipes. One of the fastest, most efficient ways to make sure your drain system is thoroughly clean is with high-pressure hydro jetting.

Hydro Jetting is the process of flushing your drains out quickly and completely by connecting a hose to your drain pipes and spraying water through at a high pressure. Your plumbing service can safely remove all the gunk that is sticking to the inside of your pipes, so future clogs are prevented.

All that corrosive material remains in one spot in your pipes when you have a clog. That can cause your drain pipes to deteriorate and leak. To make sure your pipes last as long as possible, you should consider hydro jetting.

When you have a professional hydrojet your drains, you know that every bend and curve in your drainage system has been completely cleared. If you schedule routine service, you can prevent major issues from ever occurring.

Regular Inspection & Drain Cleaning

Having your drains professionally cleaned is a great way to make sure your plumbing system works properly now. But what about the future? Your drains will still see a barrage of materials washing through them every day. To keep your drains working at optimal level, you need to schedule regular drain inspection and cleaning for your home or business.

As a general rule, you should schedule professional drain cleaning service for your home at least once every two years but this could vary slightly. As soon as you notice that your drain flow is compromised, it’s time. Your plumbing professional will inspect your drain pipes for blockages or repair issues and make certain that your drains flow freely throughout the year.

Finding the Right Drain Cleaning Service

A lot of companies claim to provide drain cleaning services, but fail to provide professional quality results. Many of them simply snake the drain with an auger and call that a drain cleaning.

The truth is, for something as important as your drain system, you need a professional drain cleaning service in charge. An amateur can actually cause damage to your pipes if they don’t have the right tools or training. That will end up costing you a lot more than professional drain cleaning every year or two.

Finding a professional in Knoxville, TN to clean your drains can seem intimidating. With everyone claiming to be the best, how do you know who to trust? Here are a few basic guidelines to help narrow your search.

Make Sure They Are Licensed & Insured

The first thing you should confirm is that the company you work with is properly licensed and fully insured. This is the only way you can be guaranteed the professional results you expect.

Work with Local Professionals

It is important to the economy in your area to support local businesses. Plus, it’s comforting to know that you can call your drain cleaning company any time you have a problem.

Check Their Customer Reviews

Your plumbing company should have plenty of experience in drain cleaning. To see what other customers experienced when working with a company, look for customer reviews online. You can check the company website, independent review sites, or ask for referrals from clients in the area.

There are a lot of benefits to professional drain cleaning for your home or business. When you are ready to clear out your drain pipes, My Professional Plumber is ready to help. Our licensed experts have the training, experience, and skill to keep your drains flowing freely.

Contact us today at My Professional Plumber to find out more about our professional drain cleaning for your home or business.


Do You Need Reliable Drain Cleaning Service? | Knoxville, TN

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The drain system in your home is very important as it ensures dirty water from your home gets a channel to the main sewer line. As a homeowner, you must have faced some drain problems. If not, then you must be lucky. However, you can expect such a problem in the future. If that happens and you are in Knoxville, TN, you can call technicians from My Professional Plumber.

How To Know When You Need Drain Cleaning Service

It is advisable to have your drain cleaned once in a while to ensure it serves you well. If you don’t do this, some debris may build up inside the drain and cause a blockage. Dealing with a blocked drain is a big challenge and unclogging it may be costly. That’s why you need to be on the lookout for signs that show that your drain is getting blocked. Some of those signs that you need drain cleaning service are:

Slow sink and kitchen drains

If your sink takes longer to drain, it could be a sign that there’s a clog somewhere along the line. It can also be a sign of something worse than a clog. It could even mean that some tree roots have grown and blocked the pipe. Such is a case that you can’t handle on your own. You need to call My Professional Plumber technicians to help.

Overflowing toilets

If your toilet often overflows, it may be a sign that you need drain cleaning service. It’s normal for toilets to overflow once in a while, but if this happens frequently then it may show that your drain system has a problem and needs to be assessed by a professional plumber.

Water backing up

When you notice some water backing up in your bathtubs or sinks, call a technician to have a look at your plumbing system. Water back up means there is a blockage that prevents water from draining away. If you leave this problem for long, it may be a health risk to your family. Not only that, but your floor can also get damaged.

Foul smell in the house

A stinking smell in your house is a clear sign that waste-water from the house can’t drain away. It can result from a clog that has existed for a long time. The foul smell results from grease and food particles that collect at the blocked part and start decomposing.

Using too much chemical drain cleaners

Many homeowners use liquid drain cleaners to fix their drain problems. This method works, but only for simple issues. For serious problems, you may realize that you’ll be using a large quantity of liquid chemicals that will eventually become too costly for you. If you notice that your expenditure on liquid drain cleaners is getting out of hand, then it’s high time you called a drain cleaning service provider.

My Professional Plumber – Knoxville, TN

If you notice any of the problems discussed above or any other problems with your drain system, contact My Professional Plumber so we can send experts to your premises. Our mission is to support local residents with outstanding drain cleaning service and customer service.

We understand how important the plumbing system is in homes. That’s why we strive to attend to all calls promptly. We provide reliable solutions, professional work, and honest quotes. Not only that, but our plumbers are also available 24/7 because we know plumbing emergencies can arise at any time.

Whether it is a clogged sink, backed up toilet, or a leaky faucet, we will deal with it with the swiftness it deserves. The services we offer include:

  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Emergency Services
  • Plumbing Repair
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Water Softening and Filtration
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Fixtures, Faucets, and Sinks
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Cleaning Main Lines
  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Leak Detection and Repair
  • Repair of Clogged Toilet
  • Burst Pipe Repair and Repiping
  • Water Heaters
  • Inspection of Sewer Lines using Camera
  • Cleaning of Storm Drains
  • Sump Pump Services
  • Septic and Sewer
  • Drain cleaning service
  • Water Softeners
  • Water Filtration
  • Jet-Vacuum Sewer Line Services
  • Main Line Camera
  • Plumbing of Septic Tank
  • Repair of Sewer Lines

Don’t risk damage to your drain system by allowing a problem to go unattended for too long. A small problem can develop over time and lead to big damage to the part of or the entire system. When that happens, you will face higher repair or replacement costs when you call for drain cleaning service. Contacting a professional plumber at the right time will save you time and money in the long run.

Why Choose Us?

One of the main reasons many people chose us for their drain cleaning service is our experience. We’ve been in this business for many years and this makes us understand all the ins and outs of plumbing services. Some other reasons we stand shoulder-high above our competition include:

Affordable Pricing

Our drain cleaning service is among the most affordable here locally. We take this as a way of giving back to the community. After assessing your problem, we will choose the most cost-effective method of solving it.

Prompt Service

We respect our clients, and we don’t want to keep them waiting. When you call us, we’ll schedule a time that’s most convenient for you. Our technicians will strive to arrive before the time to prevent any delays.

Certified Plumbers

All our plumbers are certified. We understand all the laws and regulations governing plumbing works in Knoxville, TN. This means we only use approved materials in all projects.

Honest And Trusted Technicians

We usually carry out rigorous background checks on our technicians before we employ them. This is to eliminate individuals with criminal records from our team.


We at My Professional Plumber are a fully-fledged plumbing company. Meaning when you hire us, we’ll be able to solve all your plumbing problems in one visit. We will come with a fully loaded truck with all the materials, tools, and equipment needed to ensure any problem detected on the ground is not left unsolved. If you need drain cleaning service, call us today so we can start working on your project.


Basics About the Drain Water Vent (DWV) Plumber System | Oak Ridge, TN

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Even with a small house, professional plumbing is a very crucial undertaking if you want to avoid pipe burst and house floods. Professionally installed pipes are mostly leak proof. However, these systems disintegrate with time. In extreme cases, you may be advised to undertake a complete re-piping for the whole house.

It is imperative to realize that the plumbing system incorporates two systems. The one that brings fresh water into your homes and the one that takes out the used water. The system that brings the water into the house should always be maintained under high pressure. This is to ensure that enough water travels upstairs, and reaches all the parts of the house. This system is connected to a meter before it enters your home to ensure that all the water that you use is registered.

Close to this meter is the main water shutoff to make sure that in case of a plumbing emergency, you are able to cut off all the water entering your house. But do not rush to shut off the main valve if the emergency is confined to the toilet, sink, or tub. It is advisable for all the fixtures to have their own valves.

Since the inbound water system performs perfectly under high pressure it is prone to damages and blockage. Leaks in the water system lead to not only incurring financial costs but also social problems. Furthermore, leaks in this system can lower the water pressure leading to a hard time during flushing toilets and running showers.

Evidently, leaks in this system are very harmful. That’s why My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, has made it their lifetime mission to save you time, money, and an insurmountable amount of frustrations by offering exclusive plumbing services. Here are some basic things you need to know about your drain water vent.

The Infrastructure of the Drain Water Vent

The two main systems in the home plumbing do not overlap. But there are bridges in the system where the two meet. Professional plumbers refer to the bridges as fixtures but from a layman’s perspective, they are sinks, washing machines, faucets among other names. A fixture in plumbing is any point where the water is tapped. The clean water will enter through one fixture and exit through another after use. The drainage mostly relies on gravity to get rid of the used water. This whole system is referred to as the Drain Water vent (DWV) System.

DWV is composed of three main components—the drain pipes, drain traps and drain vents.

  • Drain Pipes

These are pipes that are angled downwards to allow gravity to move the used water from the fixtures to the sewer line. With gravity comes blockages as the force to move water is not big enough. If you experience clogged drains it is best to call an Oak Ridge, TN, plumber. They should be fixed in a manner that will allow gravity to play to their advantage. These pipes should also be wider than those of the water supply system to enable them to function optimally with fewer blockages.

  • Drain Traps

Drain traps are also referred to as P traps. They are U-shaped to hinder backflow. Owing to their curvature, they are able to hold water consistently. You may wonder why these pipes are engineered to hold water. The main reason is that the DWV system is the one that connects your house to the main sewer line.

Without this withheld water, the sewer line can make your house a stink-fest. Furthermore, the drain traps will help hair, sand, grease and other debris to sediment. The sediments are then cleared through cleanout plugs by a professional. Without these traps, the debris can easily block the system.

  • Drain Vent

When you turn a bottle full of water upside down, the water pouring out is not that smooth. This is the same scenario when water is flowing through a closed system. That is the main reason drain vents are of the paramount essence. The drain vent runs from the roof of your house to the drain pipe. It helps to release air from the system to ensure there is a smooth flow.

In case any of these three systems are not working properly or is damaged, the overall functioning of the DWV system will be highly affected. Remember that substandard products can also affect your house drainage system. Only hire a qualified plumber to help you with the overall undertaking.

Don’t Be the Last Minute Person!

Do not wait until it is too late to call for a plumber. Make it a routine to have a professional plumber run regular maintenance of your house plumbing. Plumbing can make or break your house. Frequent plumbing effort will help your house to increase its value.

This is because good plumbing will maintain your house free from allergic molds that can pose health risks to your family. Always prioritize your plumbing through seeking advice from professional plumbers.

If done the wrong way, even a small task such as unclogging a sink or a toilet can cause major plumbing problems in your house. Hence, it is highly advisable to counter check the credentials of your plumber before allowing them to work on your plumbing system.

Get Tomorrow’s Plumbing Services at Yesterday’s Price

A damaged plumbing system is a problem that no one wants to encounter. That’s why our guys at My Professional Plumber in Oak Ridge, TN, are top-notch experts who believe that the professional way is the only way. We are specialized in both commercial and residential plumbing in the larger Tennessee region. Our specialists are always available around the clock to fix all your plumbing problems before they turn into a catastrophe. Whether it is 4 am or the 4th of July, we will always be at your doorstep in no time after contacting us.

We always integrate comprehensive warranties and guarantees. We replace any fixtures that do not meet their life-expectations and re-do the work if damages occur before a pre-set time dictated by our warranty and guarantee policies. More importantly, we are a fully licensed, certified, and insured company.

At My Professional Plumber, we don’t cut corners, we fix them. Contact us today for next-level plumbing services.


Get Professional Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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A dirty or clogged drain system is a nightmare for many homeowners. If you have experienced this problem, then you know what it feels like to deal with the repulsive smell that emanates from the accumulated filth.

Apart from the scent, a blocked drain system is also a health hazard to your home. It may lead to pipe bursts, and water may start leaking into your house. Leaking water can destroy your electronic gadgets and interfere with your electrical fittings. That is why whenever there is a problem in your drain system, you need to contact a professional drain cleaner as soon as possible for excellent drain cleaning services.

In Knoxville, TN, you can get exceptional drain cleaning services from My Professional Plumber Company. Remember, a slow-moving or a clogged drain may appear to be a small problem but, when left unattended, it may escalate into a bigger problem that may require a considerable amount of time and money to fix.

Slow-moving drains are signs of serious underlying issues. It can result from narrowed pipes due to grease or mineral build up, clog build up, or improper grading of the piping system.

Our plumbers are conversant with all drain issues. When you call us, we’ll diagnose the problem and then offer a solution that will provide you with a smooth-running drain system for a long time. You can count on us to do this because we offer top-notch and unmatched drain cleaning services in the area.

The Best Drain Cleaning Service

If you are a resident of Knoxville, TN, then you are in luck because we are here to deal with all your drain cleaning needs. Whenever you notice any continual sewer odors in your house, you need to contact us as soon as possible. These odors could be a sign that your drain system has some issues.

Our professional technicians will have your system checked out, and the problem fixed. It is not just a matter of cleaning; if our technicians notice any broken pipes, they’ll have them replaced to solve the problem permanently. The same applies to water flooding because it is usually caused by a backup.

A sewage backup is the worst problem associated with a clogged drain. It leads to flooding of water near your floor drain and in the basement. If you notice such a problem, it could take just a short time before your drain stops working altogether, and the water in your entire home will get contaminated.

We are here to help you. just give us a call, and our technicians will arrive with all the equipment needed to clean and repair your drain system.

We are a fully-fledged plumbing company that deals with all plumbing works including installation, repair, and maintenance works. So, in the process of cleaning, our technicians will also carry out repair works. Some of the services we offer besides drain cleaning include:

  • Drain cleaning service
  • Installations, repair and maintenance of faucets, fixtures and sinks
  • Jet-vacuum service
  • Commercial plumbing
  • Garbage disposal
  • Water softener
  • Water softener
  • Cleaning of main line
  • Sump-pump installations, repairs and maintenance
  • Camera inspection of plumbing line
  • Water heater installations, repair, and maintenance
  • Water filtration
  • Hydro jetting
  • Installations, repairs, and maintenance of septic tanks
  • Septic field line
  • Burst pipe repair and re-piping
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Cleaning of storm drain
  • Repair of sewer line

Let us be your go-to partner, whenever you need any drain cleaning or plumbing service. We have modern equipment and tools that we use in our plumbing works. Our technicians use camera inspection to pinpoint where the problem is so as to avoid interfering with your entire plumbing system while searching for the problem.

We use different drain cleaning techniques and will choose one that is appropriate to your cleaning needs. For very tough clogs, we use hydro jetting to clear all the hardened deposits so your pipes can remain spotlessly clean.

Why Choose Us?

One of the main reasons why local residents choose is because we are a local company that understands the needs of the people in this area. This also means we are accessible 24/7.

Whenever you face a drainage problem, all you need to do is give us a call and our technicians will arrive at your home within the shortest time possible. There are many other reasons why we are the best drainage cleaning services providers in Knoxville, TN which include;


All our technicians are trained, tested and certified. They use high-grade equipment in all their plumbing works. This means that when you hire us to offer drain cleaning services, you will be in safe hand and all the structures and facilities in your home will be handled with utmost care. Besides, if they have to use any chemicals in the cleaning process, they will only choose ones that are friendly to the environment.

Affordable Pricing

We usually charge according to the work to be done. This is to make things affordable for you. Our quotation is given upfront. We do not have any hidden fees or extra charges. Therefore, when you seek our drain cleaning services, you will not get any surprises in as far as pricing is concerned.


Our technicians are reliable and honest. Before we hire them, they undergo rigorous background checks to ensure that we are dealing with people of high integrity. That is why we are highly reputable in this region.

Maintenance Services

Many companies and homeowners have contracted us to maintain their plumbing systems. They have found it to be cost-effective. Rather than waiting for a problem to rear its ugly head, you can let us maintain your plumbing system so that you can have peace of mind and avoid incurring extra costs on expensive repairs. Our technicians carry out regular checks on our client’s plumbing system and deal with any problem they notice.


For all your plumbing and drain cleaning services, do not look beyond My Professional Plumber. We understand that clogged drains are a recurring problem, and you need professionals who are readily available to help you at any time of the day or night. We offer the best customer service when it comes to cleaning drains. We will put your interests first in everything we do. Call us today for incredible drain cleaning services.


Drain Clogs Are a Common Plumbing Concern and Need a Drain Cleaning Professional | Oak Ridge, TN

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Drain Clogs

If you notice stagnant water in your kitchen sink, or if the water in your bathtub is draining slowly, you probably have a clogged drain.

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems experienced by people in Oak Ridge, TN. It is not only an issue pertinent to households but commercial buildings and municipal corporations also experience it. If left untreated, clogged drains can cause serious damage to health and property.

Possible Solutions to Drain Clogs

People often think of clogged drains as a minor plumbing issue. They use DIY techniques to help resolve this problem on their own. However, they may not realize that clogged drains are a serious plumbing concern and can cause potential damage to your plumbing fixtures. Therefore, using a professional drain cleaning service is more of a necessity than a choice in most cases.

Some of the most commonly used solutions to help resolve clogged drains include the following:

Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

An inexpensive, easy to use chemical drain cleaner appears to be an easy and effective solution for drain cleaning. A typical drain cleaner comes in liquid, powder, or gel form and is made up of strong synthetic chemicals. It might be effective in solving your problem in the short run but this handy can of chemicals can have serious effects on your health, pipes, and the environment.

Typical drain cleaners can be classified into three broad categories; acidic, alkaline and organic. The chemicals in the drain cleaner cause the clog to dissolve. The reaction between the elements in the clog and the chemicals in the drain cleaner results in the release of heat and gas. The release of heat can be damaging to the pipes and other plumbing fixtures in your house. The gas might contain toxic elements which can affect human health when inhaled. Physical contact with the chemical drain cleaner can cause severe burns on skin. If it comes in contact with the eyes, chemical drain cleaners can lead to potential loss of vision.

When the chemical is released in the water stream, it can negatively affect the quality of water. Considering the health and environmental hazards, relying on chemical drain cleaners is not a viable option.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

People have relied on the solution of baking soda and vinegar long before the invention of chemical drain cleaners. Mixing baking soda and vinegar in equal proportions and immediately pouring it in the drain can help unclog the drain. However, it is only a short-term solution and is not effective against major clogs.

The Drain Snake

This is a low priced, low tech equipment used for drain cleaning. It is a long, flexible metal wire which is used to dislodge clogs and can save you from major trouble. However, they are not very effective against major clogs. Also, people who are not trained to use drain snake often mishandle the equipment. To make the most of a drain snake, you need to seek professional plumbing service.

The Best Way to Clean Your Drains

The best way for drain cleaning is to seek the services of a professional plumber in the Oak Ridge, TN area. Trained professionals have the required knowledge, skills and experience to identify the nature of the clog. They also have the relevant equipment which can be used to clean your drains no matter how severe your clog is. Some of the techniques used by professionals for drain cleaning include the following.

Motorized Drain Snakes

Manual models of drain snakes are widely used to resolve the issue of clogged drains. However, they are often mishandled. For effectiveness, most drain cleaningplumbers rely on motorized drain snakes. A coil of wire along with a cork like structure attached at the end of the wire helps dislodge the clog. In fact, a motorized drain snake can handle almost every obstruction if handled by the right technician.

Video Inspection of the Pipe

The use of a camera for the inspection of pipes is one of the best tools to identify the exact location of the clog. Professional plumbers rely on this equipment to pinpoint the areas of the pipe which needs cleaning. This also helps identify the type of clog and what sort of cleaning will help resolve the clog. In case of major clogs, drain cleaningis often incomplete without the video inspection of the pipes.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is one of the most thorough ways of cleaning drain pipes. This involves the use of high-pressure water through a hose and a nozzle. Blasts of high pressure, boiling water help break through the clog. It also clears away waste including grease and oil.

However, the technique should only be used by a professional plumber. This is because not all pipes can handle high pressure cleaning. Most hydro-jetters blast out water at a pressure of 7,000 psi. So only a professional can evaluate whether the technique is suitable for your plumbing fixtures or not.

Need Professional Help?

If you are looking for a professional plumber for drain cleaning in the Oak Ridge, TN area, contact My Professional Plumber. Whether your water heater needs repair or your sewer line backs up, they can help resolve all types of plumbing emergencies. They have over 20 years of experience and operate with the single goal of providing best service and peace of mine to their customers. To know more about our residential and emergency plumbing services, call now at 865-622-4101 or visit the website.


Why You Need Drain Cleaning Service | Knoxville, TN

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If you live in a home with problematic drains or pipes, you’ve probably had your fair share of plumbing calls. Even if you’ve moved into a brand-new home and experienced a clog in your bathtub, kitchen sink, or toilet, you’ll need help. Knowing who to call and when is very important. It allows you to take care of the problem promptly before incurring additional costs in the process.

If you’ve never needed to have your drain cleaned until now, you may be unaware of what could be potentially causing the issue. The plumber that you’ve chosen to hire will be able to investigate further. They’ll conduct a thorough inspection to see what the root cause of the issue is.

They’ll then discuss with you the best methods of taking care of the clog. It could be something as simple as removing the trap from the drain and thoroughly cleaning it. It may also be something that can only be detected by a camera that the plumber puts into the drain and pipe.

The Value of Drain Cleaning Service Is Well-Noted

Drain cleaning service in Knoxville, TN, isn’t something that homeowners can do without. That’s why they take the steps necessary to take care of the problem at hand. They also provide you with round-the-clock service so you don’t lose a lot of sleep wondering who will fix a clogged toilet at 2 AM.

Here is why you need drain cleaning service in Knoxville, TN:

  • To fix a sink that is backing up with water: You can’t use the sink without first removing the clog. It could be caused by food debris, which isn’t something you’ll want to deal with. The plumber comes in and eliminates the clog so that you can wash your dishes. If the bathroom sink is the problem, it may also be an issue with your shower. Fixing the problem quickly with drain cleaning service means that you’ll have an operable system to work with once again. You won’t need to wash your hands in another room nor will you be without a way to wash your dishes.
  • To unclog a toilet that is spilling on the floor: Toilet issues can create a gigantic mess for you to contend with. That’s why it’s so essential to do what you can to solve them quickly. Contacting the contractor with your request for emergency plumbing services is well worth the expense paid. You will have a working toilet once again after the clog becomes unblocked.
  • To drain a shower that has filled a bathtub: Drain cleaning services allow you to use your shower and bathtub without finding alternate ways of draining it. A small piece of soap or wound clump of hair could be causing the blockage. Both are small issues that can grow in magnitude if not addressed. The more time you spend ignoring a problem, the worse it becomes. When an issue becomes more complex, it ends up being a lot more expensive to take care of, too.
  • To prevent more costly future repairs: Investing in an excellent plumbing service ensures that your needs are taken care of right away. Preventative maintenance makes it far less likely that you’ll need to have a more expensive fix done in the future. When you’re mindful of how a plumbing system works, something incredible happens. You’re able to recognize an issue and get the help that you need to solve it immediately. You can keep more money in your bank account where it belongs.
  • To establish a relationship with a professional that you can use in the future: When you have someone you already know that does an excellent job as a plumber, you’ll know who to call with your future needs. You won’t be stuck wondering who you need to get ahold of. Instead, you’ll have someone you know and trust that you can contact whenever the need arises. It’s precisely why having access to plumbers that go above and beyond the call of duty to take good care of your drains is a real asset. You may even store the phone number of the plumber on your phone to help out during your time of need.

There are many reasons why drain cleaning services are in high demand. People need them for their homes to keep them in good working order year-round. Having a contractor that they know and trust makes it easier for them to call when there is an issue that needs you to deal with it. Think of how reluctant you were reaching out to a plumber for the first time. Fortunately, once you’ve had a chance to work with one, though, you’ve never had the same feelings since.

Drain cleaning service providers differ from one company to another. If you want to make sure that you’re hiring the best professional money can buy, take a moment to talk to them on the phone. You’ll get an idea of their rapport and how much time they take to answer your questions. You’ll know right away if the company is one that you want to give your business to.

Why You Should Hire My Professional Plumber to Clean Your Drains

Knoxville, TN residents, know the importance of a clean drain. They invest in drain cleaning service because they understand what will happen if they don’t. Ignoring a clog or blockage can create a greater problem. It could cost them a significant amount of money because they didn’t take the time to take care of the issue promptly.

My Professional Plumber offers 24/7 emergency services to meet your needs. All you need to do is call us to request our assistance. If the drain cleaning service can’t wait until morning, contact us. The number to call is (865) 622-4101.

We’re here to assist you with whatever type of clog that you have. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us because we can remedy your problem quickly. Doing so allows you to have a working sink, bathtub or toilet once again.


Why You Need Regular Drain Cleaning Services | Knoxville, TN

Photo By CyrilLutz at Shutterstock

Once in a while, you will come across a drain or piping emergency at your household. You can be an expert at DIY projects, but this is one area you will need a professional. If you think of how much goes into the drain pipes and sewer, you will not forgo picking on our drain cleaning service to do the job.

At My Professional Plumber, we recognize that Knoxville TN residents can neglect their piping and drain systems. Like any other part of the household, it is also hard to keep regular maintenance to ensure that the drains and pipes function well.

However, this should no longer pose a problem since we offer drain cleaning available. As part of our plumbing package, our drain cleaning service is a surefire way for Knoxville residents to get professional help from reputable plumbers. But the service is more than just that you will expect. Our clients get to experience the best service the city has to offer in terms of plumbing contractors.

Why Choose Us?

There are plenty of good reasons for my emphasis on getting your drain cleaning services done by our professionals. On the surface, it may seem faulty, but truth to the word, our services comes with plenty of advantages that you won’t find elsewhere.

  • Quick Service

Since plumbing is not easy work, you can expect the handling the drainage to be even tougher. Typically, it will involve you changing, repairing, and installing different washers, valves, taps, and other drain equipment. All this can be confusing and, worse of all, take you a long time to fix.

Rather than make the drain situation worse, get our service professionals to fix it quickly. You will expect our professional plumber to offer efficient services at short time frames and fix your problem.

  • License and Accreditation

As a requirement, our drain cleaning service comprises expert plumbers who have undergone plenty of accreditation and training. There are also familiar with the current Knoxville TN state and local plumbing codes to certify their licensing.

Besides, all of our plumbing and drain experts receive the designation of being professional plumbers. That means the experts are offering you the drain cleaning that has the professional references and plumbing experience. Our Master and Journeyman plumbers also have gone through exams to achieve additional certification on different septic and drain systems.

  • Real Testimonials

Without the proper references and feedback, I would not vouch for our drain cleaning professionals. Their work is exemplary and has won hearts of many. Besides, the plumbing industry has a reputation for reviewing a business by customers acting as excellent sources of information. The emphasis is pretty much on the power of the crowd is a vital factor and can make the difference between success and failure.

My Professional Plumber offers reputable drain cleaning services that residents have no problem referring to friends.

You will recognize across Knoxville a powerful Word of mouth that acts as our powerful tool for recognition. That has helped us maintain a good reputation.

You can check with the Knoxville TN plumbing association or the local chamber of commerce for a review. As an extra, we also got plenty of testimonial from clients on our page.

  • Maintenance Contracts

Drain cleaning services may be a one-off job for most of our customers. However, our services go further beyond that handling drain or piping emergency.

You will have to consider that your drain will need regular maintenance. Our services do include a maintenance clause which will see one of plumbing expert link up with you and always do a check-up of the drain.

As part of our contracts, hiring a professional plumber gives you access to a wealth of plumbing and drain knowledge.

If there is damage on the drain, a part needs replacements our experts will let you know what is necessary. That helps us build trust and also gives our clients confidence in taking part in future drain maintenance by themselves in a way that guarantees efficiency and longevity.

Our maintenance services also feature a special diagnostic report of your drain. That is aside from the typical repair and maintenance that our great professionals offer.

Our plumbers get to check the entire piping and drain system and give a diagnostic report. That will include providing suggestions and expert opinions on what best to do and where in particular.

  • Special Services

Our drain cleaning services also depend on a major of our clients’ systems. That means the requirements of the cleaning and maintenance services vary from each customer.

For example, there is an option for cleaning and restoration of the drain system. In this case, this will not need repair kits but rather a cleansing kit that will clean and restore the piping system.

However, this is not a worry for you as our expert plumber can handle a multitude of such services. You will get an expert at the site who will have a check beforehand of the drain system. That gives them a knowledge of what they are expecting to work with for the job.

If you also want, you can opt to clarify the type of exceptional service necessary.

Also, don’t forget to ask about the rough estimate of each type of drain cleaning you expect or want our excellent expert to handle. You can probably find or negotiate a better deal with some of our special drain cleaning packages.

Get On Board

Whatever the drain cleaning service necessary, our clients’ satisfaction remains our number one priority. Our plumbing expert recognizes that failing to impress at our services means a potentially lost client in the future.

So, as you can see, there is much to consider when hiring a drain cleaning service. If your interest is in our drain cleaning service, feel free to reach our offices or contact us for further help. Our customer service will guide you on the quotes and type of professional help to expect.


Tips from Your Drain Cleaning Service Expert for Preventing Drain Clogs in Your Home | Knoxville, TN

Photo By Andrey_Popov at Shutterstock

If you have ever had the displeasure of dealing with a clogged drain in your home, you know how much of a pain it can be. The good news is, there are a lot of things you can do to reduce the likelihood of a clogged drain in your Knoxville, TN, home. Not only do you need to know what not to do, you also need to know what steps to take when you notice a drain slowing down. Lucky for you, we’ve got some great drain maintenance tips that can help you avoid spending money on a drain cleaning service.

Drain Cleaners

Most Knoxville, TN, homeowners don’t think twice before using popular drain cleaners like Drano. After all, these drain cleaners must have become a household name in the industry for a reason, right?

The truth is, any good drain cleaning service would recommend against using Drano or other chemical drain cleaners. Drano uses lye to break down the organic matter in your pipes, which does a somewhat decent job of cleaning pipes but can cause damage to them. If you use chemical-based drain cleaners for long enough, it may cause your pipes to corrode and leave you with a hefty repair bill.

If you want to avoid hiring a drain cleaning service, one of the best things you can do is switch to an enzyme-based drain cleaner. There are a lot of enzyme-based drain cleaners on the market, all of which use enzymes that eat away at organic matter but are harmless to pipes. Since they aren’t harmful, you can use enzyme-based drain cleaners on a regular basis to make sure your pipes are staying clean.

What Not to Flush

Believe it or not, flushing the wrong things is one of the most common things that leads people to call drain cleaning services. Your toilet may seem like it can handle a lot, but the truth is you shouldn’t flush anything down your toilet that won’t naturally break down in drain pipe.

Toilet paper is made in a way that it breaks down easily as it goes down the drain. If you put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet and leave it, you’ll notice it eventually turns to basically nothing. Flushable wipes, on the other hand, will stay intact even if you leave them sitting in water for hours. Despite these products being marketed as flushable, any good plumber or drain cleaning service would recommend against using them in your home. Unfortunately, there aren’t any wipes like this that break down easily in your toilet, so it’s best to avoid them.

Other things you should never flush include cotton swabs, makeup removal pads, menstrual products, condoms and more. Cigarette butts are another common cause for clogs, so make sure you aren’t flushing yours if you smoke in your home.

Your Garbage Disposal

While having a garbage disposal in your Knoxville, TN, home might seem like a blessing, it can cause a lot of problems if you aren’t using yours right. Rather than looking at your garbage disposal as something that allows you to put anything in your kitchen sink, you should view it as backup.

Whenever you get the chance, you should throw any chunks of food in the garbage or a compost bin to make sure you don’t need to call a drain cleaning service. You should specifically avoid putting certain foods down your garbage disposal, including egg shells, coffee grounds, celery, bones, grease, fruit pits and pasta. Even if these things seemingly go down your garbage disposal just fine, the truth is they’re causing a lot of problems down the line.

Avoiding paying for expensive drain cleaning services should never be a question of convenience. You can purchase a removable basket that attaches to the corner of your kitchen sink, allowing you to dump cereals and pastas in there to drain them of their liquid before throwing them out. This is a great way to avoid putting the wrong foods down your garbage disposal.

Additional Tips

Aside from watching what you flush and put down your drains and using the right drain cleaners, there are some other small things you can do to make sure you don’t need drain cleaning services frequently.

One of the biggest causes for clogs in the bathroom sinks, tubs and showers is hair. Between shaving and showering, you can lose a lot of hair down the drain where it eventually combines with soap. One simple way to prevent this from happening is to use a drain screen or grate to catch hair. Cleaning hair out of a drain grate may not be the most pleasant experience, but it’s better than letting it clog up your shower drain.

Another way to prevent clogs in your Knoxville, TN, home is to brush your hair before you shower. Losing a bit of hair is normal, especially if you’ve got longer hair. Brushing your hair before you shower gets the loose hairs out so you don’t have to worry about clogging up the drains as much.

Professional Help

When it comes to taking care of your plumbing, preventing clogs is one of the most important things you can do. Drain cleaning services can be expensive, plus it’s hugely inconvenient to have a slow-draining fixture or one that won’t drain at all.

The good news is, you don’t have to fight clogs alone. As one of the top drain cleaning services in the Knoxville, TN, area, My Professional Plumber is happy to help you prevent and treat clogs in your home. We can help you create a plan to prevent clogs in your home so you don’t have to call us, and we can help you unclog drains if anything does happen. To find out more or schedule an appointment today, give us a call at (865) 6622-4101.


Reasons to Ditch DIY and Call a Plumber for Your Drain Cleaning | Knoxville, TN

Photo By Andrey_Popov at Shutterstock

How often do we think about cleaning the drains of our kitchen and bathrooms? We just go on about using them every single day. Until one day, we encounter a problem that gets our attention. The problems could be ranging from mold growth to rusty pipes. Your natural instinct is to jump to DIY solutions for your drain cleaning.  Once in a while, they work for you too, but chances are that they are going to cause you even more trouble and havoc. Better safe than sorry.

When you run into such situations; call a plumber as soon as you can. Professional plumbers are fully trained to understand all your plumbing problems and offer you the best long-term solution. A minor issue can turn into a disaster if left unresolved. Moreover, a temporary DIY fix can cause a greater problem than it originally was.

Keep reading to find out more about why professional plumbing service is advised in the Knoxville, TN area.

Prevent Emergency Disasters

Plumbing issues are usually unforeseen and can occur at any time of the day. It gets worse if you face a drain-related issue at night. What happens when you have an early morning presentation and your toilet drain gives you a hard time in the middle of the night? Don’t like the sound of it? This is where the plumber comes to your rescue.

The drain cleaning process by an expert will involve various techniques like the sewer jetting process. It removes clogs and makes your pipes and drainage system more effective. The hot stream of pressurized water cleans your pipes and frees them from all kinds of debris and harmful materials that can not only cause clogging issues but foul odor and contaminated water. The contaminated water is a result of stagnant water caused by clogged drains.

Health and Safety Concerns

Your sewer lines are lined underground and are not able to be seen. You never know what issues are going down with them. We often flush toilet papers or materials that make our toilet susceptible to clogged drains. The kitchen sink is also a common gateway for disposal of unsafe debris like food particles and grease from cooking oil that causes mold growth.

Moreover, your shower drain gets clogged with hair.  You might not realize at that moment how hazardous this can be in the longer run and how it can affect the functionality of your toilets and kitchens.

This is the reason for buildup or sudden leakages or clogs in your pipes or drain. It’s important to be careful regarding your disposal practices. It can prove not only harmful for your drainage system but also for your health.

We understand that it’s not always easy to constantly keep an eye on these things, no matter how cautious you are. It’s better to call a plumber or an expert service and regularly get your pipes inspected and cleaned. Remember, it is a precautionary measure for you and your family’s health.

Home Improvements

Your home is an investment that runs with you for a very long-term. It is very difficult to attain a property in Knoxville, TN. You spend your hard-earned money building a house that you plan to live in for an extensive period of time. Everything is installed cautiously and by keeping every detail in mind. You don’t want to put your precious money down the drain by being careless about your drain cleaning and maintenance. While a plunger or baking soda DIY technique may seem to work for your clogged drains and pipes, it may not always be a permanent solution.

A professional plumber will perform inspections from a sewer camera and recognize your issues, find out the best solution and give you an estimate on how often your sewerage system needs maintenance.

This will increase the efficiency of your sewerage system and consequently increase the value of your property resulting in increasing its resale value. Next time, think about your long-term goals before you indulge yourself with DIY techniques.

Remain Stress-free

Summers in the Knoxville, TN area,can be very overwhelming. Your bathroom visits increase and you have guests over. More guests mean more food. Your garbage disposal clogs are expected to increase. You don’t want a clogged drain or pipe leaks to add to your stress and create an embarrassing situation for you.

Moreover, the plumbing issues if left unresolved can turn into bigger problems and can cost you hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. Many faux DIY tips may seem very promising but it is usually a lot of hassle working with them and ends up in calling a plumber eventually.

Call a professional, contracted plumber with training and in-depth knowledge on plumbing issues and attain your peace of mind.

Plumbing is not just fixing the pipe leakage or drain cleaning.It is a very complex field of work, which is why the licensed plumbers are highly trained and certified. The world of plumbing is constantly evolving with new-fangled techniques providing better and reliable solutions to your plumbing issues. If dealt by an unprofessional, these issues can go wrong on a higher level, leaving you in despair and misery.

If you are a resident of the Knoxville, TN, area and are experiencing clogs, backups, or slow drainage, or need an inspection for any undiagnosed issue, My Professional Plumber is the place to contact.

They are fast, reliable, well-equipped and highly-skilled professionals that will leave no stone unturned to resolve all your plumbing problems.